The Best Places Online to Buy Craft Supplies

Craft supplies, how much they cost and where to buy them are important to those who craft for a living or even for fun. For some crafters the nearest craft supply store is miles and miles away making it difficult to get supplies. Some of the same stores that are near our homes also have dot coms. One of these stores is Michael’s ( ) where you can find a fabulous supply of dried flowers, miniatures, scrapbook items and thousands of other craft supplies.

Moore’s is a store similar to Michael’s that sells typical craft items along with doll parts, wedding supplies, sewing supplies and just about anything your crafting heart desires. You can find the store at:

Create For Less is not only a store where you can find plenty of craft supplies but also where you can find lots of clearance items. Find stuff to make candles, gifts and gift wrap, kits for creating unique crafts and lots of art supplies. The website is:

If reduced prices are what interests you most try browsing the hundreds of mark-down items at They have holiday items, crafting books, wood pieces, paper mache, as well as home decor supplies. You’ll find new items, gift ideas and a catalog you can have sent to your home.

Purchase craft supplies in bulk and save a bundle when you go to Shop by price range, new products or closeouts. Most items are sold by the case but prices are displayed as what each piece would cost, so make sure you understand that before ordering.

A similar place, where you can purchase in bulk, is located at: Here you’ll find closeouts, adhesives, holiday items, bears, baskets, canning jars and lids and so much more.

And don’t overlook places like for deals on craft supplies. Lots of people have leftover craft items or have purchased items that they’ve never used and are now selling them somewhat cheaper than you can find them new.

BJ’s craft supplies has a huge assortment of beads, sewing products and wooden craft supplies to list just a few things. This store is unique in that it carries some supplies that you wouldn’t find at most craft stores such as wind chimes, musical craft items, lamp-making supplies and other goods. Find it at

Some craft stores cater to any crafter and others focus on particular crafting project supplies. If wood working is your thing you’ll find abrasives, bowl coring products, buffing implements, lathes, safety supplies, sharpening tools and other shop supplies. This fabulous online craft store is located at

For the artist in you visit where you’ll find painting and drawing supplies, canvas, portfolios, gold leafing, brushes and anything else you may need for artwork.

Do you make clocks? Find plastic and metal hands, adhesive numbers, perfect epoxies, dials, barometers and other clock parts. This store doesn’t just deal with clocks, they also have a huge selection of kits like lace making, marbling, soap making, clay modeling and glass engraving. Find it all at

Most craft stores have some sewing supplies but for all the supplies you could possibly ever choose from drop by Whether you need machines, alteration supplies or just everyday household needles you’ll find it at Sew True. A great cloth site can be found at where the notions will truly impress you.

For scrapbook supplies and nothing more you can’t beat There are over 7500 items just waiting for you to drop by and browse. Or, go on to another great scrapbook supplies store at

For pottery supplies you’ll get your fill when you shop online at Need wheels or kilns? Try or for ceramic craft supplies and equipment.

You can find exactly what you need by putting certain keywords into the search engine like “woodworking”, “clay pots”, “yarn” or whatever specialty product you seek. If you just want to browse some craft stores try typing “crafts”, “craft supplies” or even “art supplies” into the search engine. There’s not much you can’t find online and that includes any kind of craft supply.

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