How to Colorize a Photographic Image

Coloring pictures is not as difficult as you may think. You will be required to use suitable software and follow simple techniques to get this job done at home. Picture modifying applications like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop allow you to colorize pictures or a particular part of pictures. Picture modifying applications allow you to create improvements to pictures that were difficult to make a few years ago. Colorization is one of those things that could be conducted in analogue digital cameras, but only with several covers and only by darkroom professionals.


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    With image modifying applications it is relatively easy to create impressive changes to pictures. It is always good to begin with an objective to keep you from editing the picture too much and getting disappointed. You could choose to set your objective to make the picture look ancient by modifying the qualifications. Here are some tips and techniques on how to colorize pictures and how to add components from one picture to another is provided.

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    Start Adobe Adobe Photoshop and upload pictures that contains a shade that you would like to substitute with another shade.  Choose the "Image" selection, factor to "Adjustments" and simply click "Replace Color" to begin the "Replace Color" procedure.

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    Click on along with your image that you want to substitute with another color. Your pointer will be changed by the eyedropper device at this factor to select up that selected shade. Increase or reduce the fuzziness of the picture by using the "Fuzziness" slider in the "Replace Color" discussion menu. The more you improve the fuzziness, the more shade will be made prominent. Reducing the fuzziness of the picture indicates the reduced colors the picture will gain.

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    Click the color/shade well toward the end of the "Replace Color" discussion box to carry up the "Select focus on color" discussion box. Choose the color you want to use to substitute the current shade in the "Select focus on color" discussion box, while choosing the color and other shade configurations to select your customized shade.

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    Select the "OK" key to shut the "Select focus on color" discussion box and "OK" again to shut the "Replace Color" discussion box. You will now see the outcomes of color with alternatives. You can come back to the "Replace Color" discussion box at any time to adjust colors with their alternative configurations. Remember to take your time when applying these steps. Try not to rush through things as you do not want to skip any step otherwise you might face issues.

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