How to Protect Art on the Internet

Internet has brought about immense comfort to our lives; however, one of its negatives is that the information you provide online can be misused. If you are sharing your artwork online or posting it on a website, there is a strong possibility that someone may use your product without your permission or may even claim to own it. If the identity of the owner of an artwork is not found, the work can easily be used by anyone. However, there are a number of ways which can be adopted to protect your work from being misused.


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    Before putting up your artwork on an online exhibition or on a social networking website always include a watermark with the image. Through a watermark, you can splash your logo and name on a piece of art. It is an extremely effective and quick way of stopping someone to use your artwork without your consent.

    Some people make a general mistake by using the watermark on the corner of an image, which can be easily removed or edited. Therefore, it is recommended that you put the watermark on the focal point of an artwork or a picture, which will be almost impossible to remove.

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    Upload low resolution files

    In order to be on the safer side, you can upload low resolution files. Even when you do this, use a watermark to put your stamp. This combination is one of the most efficient ways of protecting your work online.

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    Use your contact information

    The chances of  an image or any other online artwork getting misused become higher if there is no contact information available on the site. You should always have your name and email address on the website.

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    Disable right-clicking on the page

    By disabling right-clicking on the website or on a specific page, you can increase your chances of protecting art on the internet. This is an important step because most people who are looking to misuse your art would right click on the image and would go to the option ‘Save Image As’.

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    If you get the artwork copyrighted, it gives an additional layer of protection, especially in court. In order to save time, money and hassle, you can register a batch of items together.

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