How to Get Free Target Gift Cards

Giving free gift cards is a technique to entice customers to visit super stores and spend maximum to get more of a discount. The management of Target stores did not stay behind and they started offering their customers free gift cards despite the ongoing recession.

The basic idea behind this move is that the customer will not stop buying and ultimately they will spend more than the actual value of these cards. You can overcome this temptation and shop wisely by following some effective directions. However, you will have to get free cards first to capitalise on this opportunity.


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    Read the advertisement carefully:

    First of all, you should read the ad thoroughly and determine the qualifying purchases. The management always announces free gift cards on some specific products. Make a list of these products and check whether you need these things or not. Sometimes, you need less quantity but the store is offering free gift cards on an increased amount of that item. You should invest for the next month, buy that extra amount and get a free gift card.

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    Prescription transfer incentives:

    You must ignore the prescription transfer incentives as most of the time Target offers free gift cards on giving their pharmacy some business. All you need to do is to read newspapers, watch TV, visit their official website and buy during the right time.

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    Check your receipts:

    Another way to get free gift cards is to use the coupons attached to your receipts. After getting the receipts, you should check the coupons as Target offers free gift cards via these coupons. You will have to make a qualified purchase to get these gift cards.

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    In-direct promotions:

    Sometimes, other industries also offer you a package that contains free Target gift cards. For instance, Marriot Hotels devised a campaign in which they were offering free gift cards for Target stores to those who stayed in a Courtyard property.

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    Credit card promotions:

    Sometimes, credit card companies introduce a point-based system in which the user gets special offers on achieving a certain score. You must keep yourself updated to convert these rewards into Target gift cards.

  • 6

    Browse internet:

    There are many websites that offer their users some special packages. This is a promotional technique and free Target gift cards are one of the most popular rewards. You must stay connected to make the best out of such offers.

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