New Year’s Eve Party Gift Ideas: Champagne, Bath, & Chocolate

Start the New Year off with a pop! Surprise your friends with affordable bubbly-inspired gifts. Whether you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party or attending one, add a special touch with inexpensive, festive novelties and favors.

Celebrate with a sweet surprise.

Order miniature Champagne bottles and fill them with candy or paper confetti. Engrave the bottle with the date and your – or the hostess’s – name, so friends can save it as a keepsake.

Champagne Bottle Favor, $5.95 each, 12 piece minimum, 4″ tall, personalization included; at

Make a personal statement.

Design a mini sparkling wine bottle label with your very own greeting. Each bottle comes with a festive cellophane bag and ribbon, so packaging is a snap!

Mini Champagne Favor, $5.95 each, 24 piece minimum, 187ml, personalization included; at
Satisfy chocolate lovers.

Choose champagne-shaped solid-chocolate treats as a delicious, edible alternative for nondrinkers and chocolate lovers alike.

Mini 3-D Champagne Bottle Favor, $2.95 each, minimum of six pieces, 3.75″ tall; at
or Mini Champagne Bottles, $1.99, 1.5 oz., 3.5″ tall, available in milk chocolate; at

Try bubbly bubbles.

Pop the cork and enjoy a soothing bath with a bottle of bubble bath, then make relaxation one of your New Year’s resolutions.
Champagne Caress Bubble Bath, $6.95 each, 187ml, 8″ tall; at

Make some noise.

Ditch those traditional noisemakers and opt for champagne-glass maracas instead. They’ll definitely get your party started and have you ringing in the New Year in style.

Champagne Maracas, $9.99 for 12, 9″ tall; at

Do-it-yourself favor.

Save some money-put together your own signature champagne-glass favors.

Craft a fun gift with affordable materials and send each guest home with a smile. Learn this simple craft now, then tailor it for any occasion: wedding, anniversary, birthday. For details, go to:

Have a Happy New Year Ya’ll!

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