How to Make Beautiful Tissue Paper Flowers

Making beautiful flowers out of colored tissue paper is an extremely fun and rewarding craft project for kids and adults of all ages. The varieties of flowers that can be made with tissue paper are only limited to the imagination. Flowers of all colors and all varieties can be made using tissue paper and a few other craft supplies. Making tissue paper flowers is an addicting craft project, and once you make one tissue paper flower you will want to make entire bouquets in every color of the rainbow to give to family, friends, and to decorate your home.

Supplies Needed

To make beautiful tissue paper flowers you will need tissue paper in a variety of colors, craft wire, wire cutters, scissors, and �½ inch wide florist tape. You might also consider using decorative edge craft scissors to cut out the tissue paper flower petals and leaves. Decorative edges can make flowers appear even more attractive and realistic.

Flower Types

Before beginning, consider the types of tissue paper flowers you want to make. If you aren’t knowledgeable in flower varieties or the proper shapes of flower petals and leaves, consult online photos of flowers or consult flower books. Tissue paper daffodils, tulips, and roses are some of the easiest and most beautiful tissue paper flower varieties to make. Use your imagination and don’t be too particular. Many of the most beautiful flowers in nature don’t have the most perfect petals or leaves, and tissue paper flowers are no exception. Make up your own flower variety if you wish, and use your favorite tissue paper colors or colors that compliment your home decor. Tissue paper flowers are beautiful no matter the color or variety.


An easy method of cutting out tissue paper petals is by folding over a sheet of tissue paper and cutting out a few petals simultaneously. This will provide tissue paper flower petals that are uniform in size and shape, and the process will go faster.

After cutting out tissue paper petals, you’ll need to cut out tissue paper leaves. Fold over green tissue paper of various shades, and if your scissors are sharp, you should be able to cut out four leaves at a time by folding the tissue paper.

Once the tissue paper flowers and leaves are ready to assemble, cut craft wire to the appropriate length using wire cutters. Ten to twelve inches is just about the right length for the stems. Once the stems have been trimmed to the right length, begin wrapping the stems with green florist tape. Florist tape stretches and adheres to itself, so be sure to wrap the wires tightly and evenly along the entire length of each one.

Next you will need to create a center for the first flower. Create the center of the flower by rolling a small piece of scrap tissue paper into a ball about �½ inch in diameter. Cut out a square of yellow tissue paper large enough to completely wrap the ball. Attach the flower center to the stem by forming a base around the top of the wire and wrapping it with florist tape.

Attach the tissue paper flower petals by firmly holding the petals beneath the attached flower center. Wrap the petals tightly to the stem with florist tape. If necessary, work with only two or three tissue paper flower petals at a time until you get the hang of it.

Now you’ll need to attach the leaves to the wire stems. Attach the leaves in the same manner as the petals. Be sure to wrap the florist tape tightly so it properly adheres to the stems.

You should now have the first complete tissue paper flower. Make a dozen colorful tissue paper flowers for a beautiful bouquet, and consider giving the flowers as gifts. Consider making handwritten flower cards similar to the cards florists use, and tie a card to each bouquet with a color coordinated curling ribbon. The recipients of these attractive bouquets of flowers will be thrilled. Any day can become a cheerful spring day with a beautiful bouquet of handcrafted tissue paper flowers.

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