How to Hold a Home Art Show

Many artists work independently and produce their own art work without getting affiliate with any art organisation. These independent artists always organise art shows at their private places including homes or apartments. However, many artists also find ways to get exposure but they do not know how to hold an art show at home. If you are also one of those people who want to organise a home art show and do not know how to do it effectively then you can take guidance from this article which will let you know the tricks of doing it perfectly.


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    First of all, you need to make feasibility of expenditures that are required for organising an art show at home. You need to make arrangements while staying in the bracket of your available budget.

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    Make sure you keep the list of visitors short in order to avoid spending much money. Always invite key figures who you think are the most prominent artists or those who love art.

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    Always try your best to invite people according to the available space in your house. Do not invite more people that you think will be hard to accommodate at your home.

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    However, if you think that you have enough budget and you also have a desire to invite as many people as possible in order to make your home art show successful then you should organise your show for two or three days.

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    Select the most prominent places for displaying your art work at your home. Make sure you display your art work besides the walls which will help the visitors to walk through easily.

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    Always be careful for printing pamphlets or cards for your home art show and try to make these cards or pamphlets eye catching by the use of different colours and design.

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    Before organising an art show, you need to check whether your state requires permission or license to organise art shows at home. Fulfil all legal obligations for avoiding any sort of disapproving situation.

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    Paste banners at main places in your city or town for promoting your home art show which will help in grabbing the attention of more and more people.

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    Arrange your paintings or other types of art work in a way that shows your arrangement skills and also get attention of the visitors. The frames of your paintings should also be of latest trends and should also match with the theme of the painting.

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    Do not forget to arrange refreshments for the visitors as they will be your guests and you need to fulfil all responsibilities like a decent host.

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    Always attach the price tags with all of your art work displayed at your home art show. It will help the visitors to know the price of different items of art without asking you.

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