Felt Table Runners

Table runners of a particular theme are often difficult or even impossible to find, and table runners can be quite expensive. If you’re looking for a table runner to match a particular theme, instead of buying an expensive table runner, consider making one. You can make beautiful felt table runners for virtually any holiday or theme. Not only are felt table runners easy to make, but felt table runners can be changed year after year to create a whole new look.

Unbeknownst to many, repositionable glue is available that will enable you to make felt designs that can be repositioned and reused again and again. This makes it easy to make personalized felt table runners for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, and any other occasion that calls for a table runner of a particular theme. Felt table runners are easy to make, and they’re fun to redecorate year after year.

Table Runner Ideas

Consider making a felt table runner especially for celebrating birthdays. Cut out felt pieces to spell out the words “Happy Birthday,” and cut out the names of family members. In addition, draw and cut out birthday shapes and designs such as balloons, small squares to represent confetti, presents, cake, and anything else you desire. Attach the felt letters and designs with repositionable tacky glue, and make a fun and unique table runner each time someone you love celebrates a birthday. Change the name on the table runner, or change the entire table runner by simply removing the repositionable felt pieces and attaching new ones. Store the shapes and letters all together, and when someone special is celebrating a birthday, lay out the felt table runner and personalize it accordingly.

Felt table runners can be made for all occasions, so why not make a table runner to celebrate spring? Consider cutting out and assembling flowers, butterflies, bunny rabbits, rainbows, or anything else you desire. You’ll never get tired of your spring table runner. It’s fun to cut out designs and rearrange them again and again to make a different scene each day to celebrate every day of the week during the months of spring.

Winter table runners are fun as well. Make a wintertime table runner by cutting out snowmen, Christmas trees, stars, sleighs, religious symbols, snowflakes, and anything else you can think of in celebration of winter. Use your imagination, and create a winter scene that can be changed and arranged over and over.

These are just a few ideas for designing unique felt table runners. The design options are endless. If you can imagine a scene made from felt, you can recreate that scene on a felt table runner.

Necessary Supplies

To make a felt table runner, you’ll need enough felt to span the length of the table you wish to cover. The felt should be approximately 12 inches wide. You’ll also need additional sheets of felt to create designs for your table runner, repositionable tacky glue, fabric chalk, and scissors. If you lack artistic skills, consider using stencils to create table runner designs.


Trim the ends of the table runner with decorative-edge scissors, or create scalloped edges by drawing scallops with fabric chalk before trimming the ends. The next step is to draw designs on various pieces of felt freehand or with the help of stencils. Cut out the felt pieces, apply repositionable tacky glue to the backs of the pieces, and assemble your design. If the felt pieces aren’t exactly where you want them, you’ll be able to easily remove and reapply the pieces to create a unique table runner in celebration of spring, winter, or any other special occasion.

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