How to Make Flower Bouquets with Tissue Paper

There are many different kinds of decorations that can brighten up your surroundings. These can be of different types, and can be made from a variety of materials. Many of these are available in shops and all one needs to do is go out and spend some money in order to purchase them.

However, if a little time and effort is put in, these can be made at home as well. Not only will this add a bit of a personal touch, it will also bring out your creative side. Needless to say, you can also save a fair amount of money in this process as well.

Flower bouquets can be made with the help of tissue paper, and in addition to looking nice, these “flowers” will last you long and not require any watering. It does not take a lot of effort and with a little attention to detail, a beautiful looking bouquet can be made.

Things Required:

– Stacks of different coloured tissue paper
– Thin wire with covering
– Stapler


  • 1

    Layer the Tissues

    The first step is to create stacks of tissue paper of the same colour. Make sure that it is reasonably thick - six to eight tissues stacked on top of one another should be fine.

  • 2

    Fold Them

    Give them a fold of approximately one inch before folding them again in the alternate direction. Keep making this pattern until the whole tissue is folded. Hold it from the bottom and fold the opposing ends. The tissues should now loosely be looking like a flower. Hold them carefully so that they do not open up.

  • 3

    Use the Wire

    Now run the wire that you have through the central point from where you are gripping the tissues. Make sure that you do not damage the tissues. It will be much like threading a needle only in this case it is a semi finished tissue flower and the thread is actually a wire.

  • 4

    Staple the Flower

    In order to hold it in place for a longer period of time, staple the part of the flower which is just above where the wire is passing through. Make sure that you use a large stapler, in order to make sure that the pin can hold the flower. Smaller staples generally cannot hold stacks of tissue paper.

  • 5

    Form a Bouquet

    Make more flowers in a similar manner, using different coloured tissue paper. Once you have made a bunch, you can tie them together to form a colouful bouquet.

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