How to Make Custom Dog Tags with Color Sublimation

Dog tags are widely used in US and European countries as these help the person in returning the dog if it is lost. If you want to have your dog back after it is lost, then you must not underestimate the importance of dog tags. Nevertheless, the increased trend of customisation in every type of business has done the same to dog tags and people have become more interested in having personalised tags for their dogs. It might seem difficult to you but getting customised dog tag is not a problem.


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    Choose the type of dog tag you want

    The most important step in this regard is to choose the type of dog tag that you want. Here, you must make sure that the tag is not too small to perform customization and goes with the size of your dog. Of course, you do not want your dog to look odd with the tag. Therefore, it is of considerable importance that you choose the size of dog tag keeping in mind the size of your dog. For this, you can go to your nearest pet store or purchase this online.

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    Decide the colour sublimation

    After you have obtained a reasonable tag for your dog, you must choose the colour you want to place on it. This is an important step and you should keep in mind the colour of your dog. While deciding the colour, you should ensure that the colour of tag complements or contrasts the colour of your tag. Make sure that it does not look odd on your tag.

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    Take it to the jeweller

    After you have decided the colour, you must take it to the jeweller and discuss the possibility of having that colour on the dog tag. It is also possible that the jeweller might offer you some alternatives; you should consider them and choose what seems best to you. You should purchase the colour and hand it over to the jeweller or you can ask him to do this for you.

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    Decide the initials you want

    Now you must decide the initials you want to have on the tag of your dog. Remember that it can be your initials or you can also engrave your dog’s name on the tag. It is entirely up to you; therefore, you must decide it carefully.

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