How to Fold a Cot

Whether it is a travel cot for your child to sleep in, a traditional army cot or an inflatable camping cot, when it is time to disassemble the cot and pack it in the car, many a cuss word has been said by the people trying to fold up the darn thing. If you belong to that group and face difficulty while folding your cot, then you do not have to curse it anymore, as this article can certainly help you in learning the way of making this sometimes-frustrating process a little easier.


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    The best way to fold a cot is to first have a close look at how it appears in the folded form. While unfolding your cot, carefully check the folds and remember the steps as you will have to reverse the order when you will fold it yourself.

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    If you are looking to fold your kid’s travel cot, then you will have to first remove the rectangular cushion at its bottom. You can then pull up the cot right from its middle part. You will see its legs buckling inwards slightly when this happens.

    Here, you should release the rails present at the longer side. You can do this by squeezing the release at the centre of those rails. This will make the longer side bend like an elbow, which in turn, will bring rest of the cot together. Use the bottom cushion to wrap the outside part of the cot and place it in a carrying bag.

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    If you have an army cot, then you will have to check if its legs are removable. If they are, then take them out of the cot and set them aside after folding them. You can then place the canvas cot on the surface and fold it once, lengthwise. Place the legs in the canvas and then roll it, before tying it with the strings provided.

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    For an inflatable cot, press all the air out. You can then roll it while pressing the remaining air out. Put the cot on the surface and make it flat, before folding it once, lengthwise. Fold again lengthwise, so you have a long, skinny rectangle. Roll tightly from one long end to the other and place it in a carrying bag.

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