How to Frame Images from Calendars

Putting up pictures in the house is something that everyone wants to do. This is because putting those pictures up brings a whole new sense of life to the house/room that you are in.

Most of the time people try and get pictures of themselves up in their rooms, while they might also consider getting a novelty picture to be displayed up for everyone to look at as well.

Sometimes, people come across a picture that they like in a calendar, and they wish to frame it. However, with them not being able to do so properly, they end up getting rather confused over just what needs to be done.


  • 1

    Acquire items

    The first step is for you to head out and acquire all the items that you need to make up your picture. The first thing will obviously be the calendar that you wish to use pictures from.

    The second item should be the frame that you want to place that picture in. Make sure that you get an appropriately sized frame, based on the size of the picture that you wish to use.

    Cutting tool, the last thing you need to do is to get the cutting tools to get the picture out of the calendar and into the frame.

  • 2

    Measure, Cut and fix size

    With everything in place, you now need to measure the dimensions of your frame. After having done this, you need to convert those measurements onto the picture in the calendar. After you mark out just how big the cutting needs to be, you need to go ahead and cut it out.

    Make sure you cut exactly along the areas that you have marked, since over cutting or under cutting it could cause some problems later on.

  • 3

    Insert in frame and place

    Now take the cut out piece of the picture and place it in the frame as you would, with just about any picture. However, if you want, you can play it with some light roof solvent prior to inserting it into the frame.

    This will ensure that the picture maintains its colours for much longer than a normal picture would. Now close up the frame and make sure that there are no open parts left.

    Clean out the glass on the front of the frame and hang it up, wherever you wish to place your picture.

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