How to Curb Salt Cravings

People often tend to develop the habit of eating too much salt which results in numerous problems related to physical health such as high blood pressure, leading to coronary issues. If you are one of those people, you would definitely want to know the best way of curbing the salt cravings. Since salt is something we are used to consuming on a daily basis, curbing its craving would definitely required high levels of self restraint as well as determination.


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    It is better to use unrefined sea salt instead of regular table salt. More often than not, the human body requires only the mineral content found in the salt and not the salt itself. The fact that unrefined sea salts have a higher content of the required mineral, you would need to consume lesser quantity of salt to appease your body’s craving for salt.

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    Since almost all of our diets contain salt, out taste buds become so accustomed to salt’s flavour that one has no choice but to be as gradual as possible while curbing salt cravings. Gradually reducing the intake of salt would prevent your taste buds from fighting back.

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    Another possible way of curbing salt cravings is to use food that has a high content of potassium and Vitamin C. These elements will effectively counter salt cravings that occur due to emotional and physical stress and exhaustion. Figs, raisins, apricots, wheat bran and potatoes, when baked unpeeled, are some of the foods having high levels of potassium. As for Vitamin C, consider including citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables and peppers in your daily diet plan.

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    Some recipes require excessive use of salt. The best alternative for salt in such situations is lemon juice. Lemon juice acts in much the same way as salt, however, it does not carry the health risks. Keep in mind that substituting salt with lemon juice in your recipes might take some getting used to. You would however stop missing the excess salt after a period of time.

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