How to Wash Vintage Linens

Females usually take much care of their expensive vintage linen fabrics because these fabrics are very delicate and expensive. If you do not take care of vintage linen fabrics, you will lose the shine of fabric. Washing vintage linen is something that needs proper care and you have to use specific materials in order to keep the linen safe and shining. The age of vintage linen is very long and if you take care of the linen you can use it for years. If you want to know how to wash vintage linen properly, then you can take guidance from this article.


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    First of all, you should check your vintage linen in order to spot the stains. Then pre-treat these stains first by applying a gentle wash detergent and rub it gently on the fabric. Leave it for 30 minutes which will help you in getting rid of stain with the help of detergent.

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    Now take a bucket of hot water and put your vintage linen in it along with mild soap. There are a few types of linen that require soaking for two or three days. Keep adding fresh water every day in the bucket.

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    You should gently wash the vintage linen in the soapy water. You can stir it by using a wooden spoon if you are allergic with soapy water or simply cannot use your hands. Make sure you do not agitate or rub the fabric as it can damage its threads.

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    Not take out the vintage linen from the soapy water and put in cool water in order to remove the soapy residue. Putting under running water will work well and it will also take less time in removing the soapy residue from the fabric.

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    Running water will also remove detergent if the vintage linen still has it. If you are still unsatisfied, then you can use vinegar for rinsing the vintage linen which will remove the chemicals from the fabric.

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    Different types of stains require rubbing but you should be careful as hard rubbing can damage the fabric. Always gently rub the vintage linen which will remove the stain while keeping the fabric safe.

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    If you fail to remove a stubborn stain, then you should use fresh lemon juice with salt on the stain and wait for five minutes. Then gently rub it and the stain will disappear from the surface of vintage linen.

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