How To Make Easter Egg Cards

Easter is your golden chance to remember your loved ones on the occasion of the celebration of Jesus Christ’s rebirth. Sending Easter Egg Card can be your best choice on this great occasion. So, kick off your Easter with some unique and cute handmade Easter Egg card collection.

Making an Easter Egg Card is an interesting family project where both adults and children can take part to show their creativity. The craft items used in this activity are not only inexpensive but easily available in the market as well.

You can find huge variety of Easter Egg Cards available in the bookshops, but making your own one can truly represent your involvement in Easter and your love towards your close ones. In addition to that, this option provides you with an opportunity to customize your Easter Egg card the way you like and fill it with your own Easter wishes and greeting that come from the bottom of your heart.

Materials Needed:

– Pair of Scissors
– Craft Hole Punch
– Ruler
– Plain Card stock
– Strip of decorative paper
– Ribbon
– Pencil
– Marker – your favorite one


  • 1

    Choose a plain card stock of your favorite color, fold it into half and set it on a smooth surface. Now, draw a perfect large egg right in the center, using a lead pencil.

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  • 2

    Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut out the egg.

  • 3

    Set the strip of decorative paper upside down and then set the egg shape on it. Use the lead pencil to carefully trace the area around the outer side of the egg shape, as shown in the image.

  • 4

    Cut out the on the traced lines on the decorative paper.

  • 5

    Turn around the strip of decorative paper and place it on the egg shape, lining up the edges properly.

  • 6

    Pick up a medium scale and a lead pencil and use them to score a straight line for the fold of your Easter Egg Card. However, make sure to leave space on the left side of the egg shape to punch 2 holes later on.

  • 7

    Hit two holes through both layers on the left edge of the egg shape, using a craft hole punch.

  • 8

    Inset the tip of a piece of ribbon into one of the hole, take it out from the other one and tie it like a bow.

  • 9

    Your Easter Egg Card is read; use your favorite markers or glitter to write a creative Easter greeting on the front and inside the card.

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