How to Use Jane’s Smart Art Guides

Jane’s smart art guides are a good source of information for art lovers. If you plan to visit any country in Europe for the purpose of exploring art work by various artist, Jane’s art guides can be a great source of help for you. You can use the guides online, they are accessed through subscription fee options or buy a CD or DVD and look at them before your departure. These are the comprehensive art guides and you can amaze yourself on finding so much information about the art works on display in different regions.


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    First of all you should know the type of the art or genre about which you want to find information. Jane's guides have comprehensive information about all types of art and genres. This will make the process of seeking help from the guide much easier.

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    You can look for guides or information from Jane's guides online. However, you will have to pay subscription fee for accessing the information online, because these guides cannot be accessed free of cost. It is only one-time fee and you can then access the guides through the membership option.

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    You can also buy these guides in a CD format and access it on your computer. The CDs are not very expensive and you can also copy the information to your computer once the CD is accessed. One problem with the CDs is that they might get corrupted quickly. You can either save the information on your computer or else look options alternative to CDs.

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    Nowadays, Jane's guides are also available in DVD formats, which are better in quality than CDs and other formats. Also, you can use DVD's for a longer period of time, since they are safer than CDs. If you have a DVD, you can access the guides at places where you do not have access to internet. The DVD can be bought from any book or tourism shop. It is not very expensive either, and the investment is worth making if you are really into art exploration.

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    It is likely that you find the use of these guides rather difficult in the beginning but a bit of effort can help you get immersed into them. If you know about art beforehand, this can help you in exploring these guides. There is no particular difficulty in understanding these guides in the longer run even if you are on your first art exploration trip.

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