How to Entertain With a Gum Wrapper

You might think that gum wrappers are of no use after taking out the gum, but these wrappers can be used in different ways which can be both entertaining and challenging. While there are numerous things which can be made with these gum wrappers, in this article we will discuss how we can make a purse using them, keep reading and amaze yourself.


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    In order to make a purse from gum wrappers, you will require a large quantity of wrappers, for which it is suggested that you start collecting them. Do not worry about the colour of the gum wrappers unless you are looking to create a purse with one colour, then the wrappers have to be of the same type.

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    Once you have the required number of wrappers at your disposal, it is time to get to work and begin by opening each wrapper so that it is flat. You need to remove the inner wrappers, which are usually silver in colour. Place the wrappers on a table or a smooth surface.

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    Now, using a scissor, you need to cut the wrappers in half. You can also do this with your hands in case you cannot find any scissors.

  • 4

    In this step, the upper half of the wrappers needs to be folded towards the middle. Do not stop and keep folding the wrapper lengthwise until all of it is folded.

  • 5

    The ends of the wrapper also need to be folded towards the middle. You need to repeat this process on all the wrappers that you have and then link the pieces together.

  • 6

    You will be able to attach the wrappers by placing the two prongs of one wrapper into the other. You should be able to make a chain of wrappers which would be 50 to 60 links long.

  • 7

    You will now have rings of wrappers all attached with each other. Now, just pile the rings on top of one another. It is suggested that you sew them in a zigzag pattern. Use a thick thread which will be strong enough to hold the wrapper rings together and prevent breakage.

  • 8

    In this step, you now need to sew the bottom which will form the base of your purse. You also need to sew a chain after placing it on the side of the top which will be your handle.

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