How to Make a Centerpiece Without Flowers

Whether going for a room décor or decorating a wedding reception, a centerpiece is very essential as it eliminates the element of emptiness. No interior decoration is complete without it.

Centerpieces are available commercially but it is something which can be made at home. You can simply create a marvelous looking centerpiece by combining simple and inexpensive things together. If you are creative then it won’t be hard for you to do it.

Some of the inexpensive centerpieces that people usually go for have flowers. Although floral centerpieces are beautiful, but their over use can be monotonous.

So why not go for something different this time?

Here’s how you can make a wonderful centerpiece without using flowers:


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    Observe the surroundings:

    The very first thing is to observe the colour scheme of the surroundings. It will help you decide the theme of the centerpiece.

    Make sure that it goes well with the colour scheme of the background. For instance, if it’s a wedding ceremony and everything is white in color then go for some glitters, either gold or silver.

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    Count the spots:

    Count the number of places where you need to place the centerpieces.

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    Decide about the look:

    Once you have the idea of the surroundings, the next step is to think about the look you want to achieve. The balancing factor is very important in this regard. Flare it up with a centerpiece if the surroundings are dull or else tone it down if the surroundings are vibrant.

    For instance, if you want achieve a neat look then you certainly need a centerpiece with borders or casings. If however, your goal is elegance then fine crystal figurine will make it appear more elegant. Should you want to bring the feelings of warmth and love, then go for candles wrapped with glowing softness and elegance. Also, if you want to save some space on your table then you can opt for a suspended centerpiece that resembles more like a wind chime.

    If you are planning to have a centerpiece for your dinning table then one good suggestion is food. Just choose a jar filled with candies or even fruits or vegetables. You can preserve lemons in a jar of water for instance. This will not only look beautiful but will also attract attention towards the food stuff.

    Also, a feather arrangement in a sleek vase will look quite nice. On the other hand if you want to achieve a beach look, then you can add small stones, star fish and shells in a container of water or sand.

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    Choosing the centerpiece:

    Once you have decided about the look you want, choose the containers and accessories according to the appropriate colour and size. Remember you will have to choose a centerpiece that is perfectly balanced in coluor and size.

    For example if you want to achieve the beach look in a vibrant surrounding then choose an appropriate container. Add decorative accessories like shimmery sea shells, star fish or crab dummies; all things that can create a good balance.

    In addition to this, choose the container that can easily fit in where you want to place it.

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