How to Make a Fashionable Belt out of Felt

Fashion accessories don’t have to be expensive to be fashionable. You can make a uniquely stylish belt using felt and beads for a fraction of what retailers typically charge. Best of all, this sturdy belt will match your unique style and personality. It is very eye-catching, and it will undoubtedly generate many compliments and second glances.

Necessary Supplies

Felt approximately 3 inches wide and 3 inches longer than waist measurement
Felt scraps of various colors
Fabric scissors
Clear drying fabric adhesive
Fabric tape measure
Self-adhesive hook and loop tape approximately 2 inches wide by 3 inches long
Sewing needle
Color-coordinated cotton thread

Optional Supplies

Embossed felt of various colors
Small decorative beads of your choice
Seed beads
Iridescent glitter
Fine-textured glitter in colors of your choice
Decorative-edge fabric scissors


Begin by measuring your waist using a cloth measuring tape. You will require a strip of felt approximately three inches wide and three inches longer than your waist measurement. Embossed felt will render the look of snake skin or decorative suede, but ordinary felt is suitable. Cut the strip of felt using straightedge or decorative-edge fabric scissors, and create a point on one end.

Use straightedge or decorative-edge scissors to cut out various felt shapes. Use ordinary felt or use embossed felt for a more interesting look. Choose colors that either contrast or compliment each other. Create either specific shapes such as flowers or butterflies, or create geometric shapes or random clippings. Use your imagination to make a highly unique fashion accessory. Don’t worry about shapes being perfect or exact. You can’t make a mistake with this project. Random clippings and nonspecific shapes often make the most beautiful designs.

Before gluing on the felt shapes and embellishments, peel off the backing, and place the soft-sided strip of hook and loop tape near the end of the front side of the belt. Turn the belt over so it’s right side down, and put the rough strip of hook and loop tape near the pointed end of the belt. Carefully place both pieces so they will match properly to secure the belt. Firmly press the self-adhesive strips in place. Now you can begin gluing the felt pieces to the belt with clear fabric adhesive. Layer the pieces, and don’t be afraid to randomly place them. Remember – anything goes!

After all of the felt pieces are in place, optionally you can further embellish the belt with decorative beads, flashy sequins, or eye-catching glitter. Sew on embellishments with matching colored thread or glue them on with clear fabric adhesive. If you sew them on, place a small amount of clear fabric glue around or beneath each embellishment for added reinforcement. Set the belt aside until the glue has completely dried.

Ideas for Use

This belt would make a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates stylish homemade items and fashion accessories. Consider creating this gift and presenting it to someone in a gift bag filled with other thoughtfully chosen items that reflect the recipient’s unique personality and style. Anyone is sure to love the gesture presented with this thoughtful homemade gift bag combination.

The belt could be designed to match a specific article of clothing. Pair it with a long loose-fitting top and create an exclusive designer look. The belt along with a color-coordinated top would make a uniquely exceptional gift for a friend or loved one.

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