How to Make a Rain Chain Water Feature

Rain chain, also known as Kusari Doi, is an ancient Japanese technique to direct and collect surplus water. For hundreds of years, this nation has been saving water through this technique which is not only known for its beauty but also for its usefulness.

Making a rain chain is not an easy task as you have to cater to a lot of things during this process. You need to ensure that your rain chain is saving the maximum amount of water. This should not only irrigate plants but add to the beauty of your garden as well. By following a couple of important tips, you can make a rain chain water feature.

Things Required:

– Barrels or Water Containers
– Chain or Wire
– Water Plants
– Rocks or Pebbles


  • 1

    Decide the location:

    First, you should decide the location of your rain chain. Check where rainwater accumulates during the season and then build your rain chain to direct it into your barrel. The traditional way is to hang the rain chain from a roof and make the water flow straight into the tub. Make sure that the rain chain is not too close to the walls otherwise it can dampen them. Moreover, you should also ensure that the rain chain is visible to everyone as the beautiful sight of water sprinkling down the barrel will enhance your garden.

  • 2

    Install the rain chain:

    Now, when you have decided the location, it’s time to install the rain chain. To do this, you will have to replace the down spout with your rain chain. You can also do this by simply making a hole in your gutter system. You will hang the rain chain with a V-shaped wire and check its sturdiness.

  • 3

    Place the container properly:

    Next thing you need to do is to place the water container properly under the rain chain. The function of this barrel is to save the required amount and disperse the superfluous water. You can build a simple drainpipe system to direct this water to your garden.

  • 4

    Add water plants in barrel:

    You can make this rain chain system more attractive by adding water plants in your barrel. However, do not forget to keep them firm with small rocks.

  • 5

    Tie the chain to a rock:

    If you feel that the rain chain is fragile then you can make it firm by tying it to rocks or pebbles inside the water tub.

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