Easy Thanksgiving Craft Idea for Place Cards

This DIY thanksgiving place card idea will help add a personal touch to your holiday table by using your own Instagram photos. This simple DIY project requires only your home computer and Instagram photos of your choice, and will surely aid in giving thanks to awesome memories captured on your phone.

Items Needed

  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Printer
  • Thick paper and/or Post-It notes
  • Computer with photo editing software

Prepare your Instagram Pictures

Log into your instagram account on your computer’s web browser, and pick the photos you’d like to use. Take a screen capture and save the images where you can find them. Alternatively, if you’ve saved your pictures onto your camera roll on your phone, you can email them to yourself and open them on your desktop.

Re-size Pictures to be Printed on Paper

This is can be done in Photoshop, but any other photo editing software will do. You could also re-size images to the correct template in Microsoft Word.

In Photoshop, create a square 8 x 8 canvas. You will place two 4 x 4 images next to each other on the very bottom of that canvas. Leave the top row blank. Feed through your printer. Once printed, fold the paper in half right above the picture to make a standing place card.


Re-size Pictures to be Printed on Post-It Notes

Use post-it notes that are 3 x 3 in size. In Photoshop or Illustrator (or you could draw them by hand), make a template. Fit six squares onto a regular sized sheet of paper with the following dimensions:

  • 1” margins on both left and ride side
  • 1/2” margin on both the top and the bottom
  • 1/2” space between each picture.

Stick your 3 x 3 post-its into the boxes, and feed the sheet through the printer.

Finishing Touches

The post-its are ready to go. Take a pen, write a lovely message and your guests’ names onto the post-it notes and stick them on top of the dinner table.

The cards printed on the regular thick paper need just a little bit more handling. Cut the images apart from each other, so you have two separate pieces of paper. Take one paper, fold it in half right where the photo stops and the blank paper begins, so it stands straight. Take a pen and write your message and your guest’s name on the blank side. Repeat.

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