How to Pick Your Moment to Lunge With a Sword

Sword fighting is seen as one of the most ancient things and trends in the history of warfare, and even today, people like to mingle with the simple bit of art that can yet become so dangerous that it can cost lives of fellows and enemies. Sword fighting is a very dangerous act but many people still like to get involved in the art and would love to disarm their opponent. This requires a lot of practice and may need mastering of the art.


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    In a sword fight, much is at stake. People may fight in different circumstances and the outcome of the fight may also be different. A lot of things can be considered on stake when the fight is going on and for this purpose, a looser simply does not have any way beck after defeat. So everyone loves to emerge with the victory flag after the sword fight and picking your moment in the game of deaths is considered as very vital. One simply does not wish to end on the losing side and for this to happen, the fighter has to pick up his moment of magic with perfection. The first thing in a sword fight that is very important is to make sure that you have warmed up for the fight well enough. Having entered the fight without any warm up may cause you to end on the losing side and hence the warm up should be done in the proper manner. Once you have warmed up prior to the fight, now you can start with the fight.

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    These fights have so much at stake that each of the fighters has very limited activity and every move that the swords man takes is well measured and well prepared. A complete set of strategy is followed in order to sniff the weaknesses of your opponent and only then the right moment is taken to make a scathing attack that would see you emerge victorious. Start with slow movement and make your opponent tired by little movements of the body. This would see him loose some focus in the fight and continuous movement would see him tire.

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    Now after you have sensed that the opponent is getting frustrated start to move your sword faster. The lunge you are waiting to make must come now. Draw your sword to one side and right when the opponent moves there, just change the direction and hit him in the stomach. Game over.

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