How to Advertise your Artwork with Postcards

If you want to earn good amount of money from your artwork and postcards, you must be very creative and ambitious. Being an artist is not enough as you have to become a good marketer of your work in order to be successful in your profession. There are many ways by which you can advertise your artwork and postcards. The most common ones include advertising your work online on various platforms.

If you are looking forward to advertise your artwork and postcards, you must keep certain things in mind which have been mentioned in the given steps.


  • 1

    Make an online portfolio

    It is extremely important for you to make an online portfolio of your artwork and postcards. There are many different websites where you can make your e-portfolio. Online portfolio can be copied easily. Therefore, you must take the necessary measures so as to keep your work safe from the copycats. You can paste watermarks on your artwork and postcards. In addition, you can put restriction on the ‘Copy’ option. 

  • 2

    Design a personal website

    If you want to advertise your work in a more profound manner, you should design your own website. You can either design your website on your own or you can create it by using some online tools and applications. If you cannot afford to register your own domain name, you can make a blog. However, it is better to have a website with your own domain.

  • 3

    Design a business card

    You must design a unique business card so as to attract more and more audience. After designing your business cards, you print them. You can get your business cards printed from any printing press. Always keep few business cards in your pocket.

  • 4

    Visit galleries and exhibitions

    In order to develop a good professional network, you must visit art galleries in your surroundings. A lot of different artists and art lovers visit art galleries now and then. Besides, you should also go to the art exhibitions where you can meet with some important people in the field of art to promote your work.

  • 5

    Make a catalogue of your art

    It is one of the most important steps in advertising your artwork and postcards. If you are beginner, you must keep the prices of your products low.

  • 6

    Offer free services

    If you want to create a good relationship with your customers, you must provide them free services.

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