How to Sell an Independent Movie Script

Writing a movie script is not that difficult. There are countless skilled writers out there who write unique and good quality movie scripts but do not know how to get fair value in return because that is the difficult part of making money by selling independent movie scripts.

If you are movie script writer, you need to realise that perseverance, ability of take criticism and the will to cope with rejection are a few basic things that you need to have in your personality in order to sell your work.

Keep in mind that number of movie scripts rejected is always greater than the number of movie scripts accepted, so you must have a proper plan following which you can successfully sell your movie scripts.


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    First, you need to decide the competition in which you are going to present your script for sale. This is quite easy. You just need to know what sort of a script is on demand in a particular competition and then figure out if your script is eligible or not.

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    Most competitions will require you to pay an entry fee before you can put your script up for consideration. Keeping in mind your budget and the eligibility of your script, send the required entry fee to at least a couple of competitions.

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    Some contests require the script to be in a .pdf format while others may ask you for a .docx or .doc (Microsoft Word file formats) format. You need to format your script accordingly.

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    Do not wait until the deadline date. Make sure that your script reaches the contest organisers at least one week before the deadline.

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    Using a script broker’s services can help as well. The first thing you need to do is to find a credible script broker. There are thousand out there, with each promising that they can get your script sold in no time. But of course, only a very few of them are telling the truth. So it is important that you verify a script broker’s creditability before utilising their services.

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    When selling a movie script, the script itself is the most decisive factor to determine if it would be sold or not. Your script must be a top notch quality art work. If the script content is rich and the events are properly interlinked, the odds are in your favour.

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    In order to refine and improve the script content, taking help from professional editors can be a good idea. Make any modifications, if necessary in light of the editor’s feedback.

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