How to Sell Jewelry at Flea Markets

It is very disappointing when one lifts the whole stall from the flea market, with nothing sold. The money paid to the organiser and bearing other overheads hurt immensely. It is even more painful when a vender, who has his booth put alongside yours, sells out the whole stock of jewelry that he brought in the market.

In order to avoid such a possibility, some important facts about the flea markets should be considered. To start with, never think customers are going to walk up to your table all by themselves. That means one should always go there with a strategy, the one that ensures the hordes of buyers standing at the stall all through the day.

Those with wrinkles of fury lying on their foreheads constitute the worst staff that you can take along at the flea markets. It is because a customer standing far away from the stalls will observe things around him superficially. His decision to move to your desk will be based on how enthusiastic and a friendly staff being employed at the front tables.

Always remember, ornaments being sold by you may be available at other stalls too, probably at the same price. In that scenario, the battle to attract attention of the attendees and make them stay at your stalls for a longer time periods becomes even more difficult.


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    Put spotlights on attractive looking pieces

    Gimmicks matter. It does not mean the deception necessarily, instead it is the way to have customers attend and watch other pieces being put on sale at the stall as a result. A string of lights showered on those pieces that make the whole booth look stand out can prove extremely effective.

    The heaps of visitors that were going to other directions all of a sudden take a pause and head to your stall, not because others were less attractive, but because lights glittering on the beautiful jewelry pieces at your booth made them irresistible for passers.

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    Visit flea markets regularly

    Before transporting the whole merchandises to the market, some research conducted can prove helpful. Understand possible success factors of the renowned players of the market, because that can open up new ways before you for improvement.

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    Have mirrors in place

    Put mirrors at the booth so that customers can wear jewellery and see for themselves how they look to others. It may happen that the pieces, which they were unwilling to buy in the first place, are appealing their senses after watching mirror display.

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