Halloween Party Drink Bin Craft Project

Hosting a Halloween Party is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Decorating for the Halloween party is even more fun! Last year I held my Halloween party outside, so I needed somewhere to ice down drinks and keep them cool. This drink bin is easy to make and perfect for keep canned and bottled drinks cold and looking cute. This project is very easy and should cost you about $20, less if you already have a tin or metal drink bin,

To Make a Festive Halloween Metal Drink Bucket/ Bin You Will Need:

1 Metal Bin or Bucket
Halloween Ribbon (In a variety of sizes and colors)
Fabric Glue
Newspaper print
3″ Paint Brush

To start this craft project you will need a metal drink bin or bucket. The kind that looks like an old metal washtub with handles. You can buy these at The Container Store and Cost World Market almost any time of the year. I often see them in Michaels Arts and Craft Store as well as Target sometimes. Occasionally I find them in the home and garden center at Wal-Mart and Home Depot. These metal buckets are those cute silver ones with the handles. They sort of look old timey and are perfect for drinks. If you prefer you can make this with a colorful plastic drink bin. I find those all summer long at Target, K Mart, and Wal-Mart. A plastic bin won’t rust after repeated uses either. Either is perfect for a Halloween party.

Measure how many inches around your metal bin is. I like to do this by wrapping a piece of string around the bin and cutting it to size. Then lay that out flat and use a tape measure to see how many inches around your bucket is. This is important to know before you go buy your Halloween ribbon or fabric.

Buy enough Halloween fabric to wrap the outside of your bucket with. To create a pattern of your drink bucket lay a piece of your newspaper print out on your work surface. Lay your bucket on its side and start tracing around it. Roll your bucket along and keep tracing until you have completed every side. Cut this pattern out and see how it fits onto the outside of your tin bucket. You can use your scissors to cut it down to a better size.

Lay your fabric out on the table. Lay the pattern you have created out on the Halloween fabric and trace it with your pencil. Cut the fabric out tot the shape of you metal bin/ bucket. You won’t need to sew or hem the edges because after you apply it to the drink bin you will be covering any lose ends with ribbon.

Now, lay your bucket on its side and start painting a layer of decoupage medium on the bucket. Lay your Halloween fabric on the bucket and press it into the sides of the bucket. You may find that you need to paint the outside of your Halloween fabric with decoupage as well. This will help it to be waterproof and adhere better. The decoupage will dry clear; so don’t worry about how it looks going on.

Let your Halloween fabric dry to the metal bucket before you move onto the next step in this craft project. I like to put a fan blowing on mine to make it dry faster.

Once your Halloween fabric has dried to the bucket you are ready to move on to the next step. Attach ribbon at the top edge and bottom edge of the bucket with hot glue or heavy-duty fabric glue. I like to make multiple layers of ribbons on the bucket. Try to buy fun ribbon that is three-dimensional and has a great Halloween feel. Fun ribbon with pom poms hanging off is great for this craft project.

Once all of the glue has dried you can fill your Halloween drink bin with ice, pop in some Cokes, and set it out for display on your Halloween party buffet table. This craft project makes a great centerpiece for any table.

If you are having trouble finding Halloween inspired fabric you could purchase fabric in green, oranges, black and white and get the same effect!

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