How to Make a Glowing Fairy Jar

A glowing fairy jar is a unique way to light up the night. You can easily make it with the help of a Mason jar, water and glowing sticks. Besides this, you can also make a glowing fairy jar by pouring some chemicals which cause a glowing chemical reaction. It is safe to make a glowing fairy jar but you need to supervise your kids when they are making it. You can use this to light up doorways, lobbies or rooms for several hours.

Things Required:

– 3 glow sticks, any colour
– Any type of jar with a lid such as a Mason jar


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    Things Required:

    - Scissor
    - 20 Matches
    - Hydrogen peroxide
    - Bleach

    Glow stick jars

    - Fill the jar with water

    Get a Mason jar and fill it with water. You can use hot water to make the light brighter. However, it will burn out quickly. On the other hand if you pour in cold water, it will last longer.

    - Break and shake the glowing sticks

    Now get the three glowing sticks and break them. Shake them afterwards so their glowing chemicals are activated. You are required to cut the top of the glowing sticks in order to draw out the ingredients and place them in the jar. Cut the stick with help of a scissor.

    - Shake the ingredients

    After pouring the ingredients into the jar, place the lid back and shake the ingredients. You will get a glowing fairy jar that will be light on for several hours.

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    Homemade glow jars

    - Cut the sulphur tips of matches

    Get 20 matches, cut the sulphur tips off from them and place them into a jar.

    - Add hydrogen peroxide

    Now add hydrogen peroxide into the jar with sulphur tips.

    - Add household bleach

    Next you need to add household bleach into the jar. Pour one capful of it.

    - Shake the jar

    After pouring bleach into the jar, you need to close the lid. Shake the jar well in order to mix the chemicals. After the chemical reaction take place, you will see bright blue colour. This light will last for several hours.

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