How to Make a Duct Tape Hat

Have you ever wanted to get that shiny glimmering look which was popular in old movies? A shiny hat is necessary apart from other things to achieve that. Consider making a hat made out of duct tape because no matter how dirty duct tape gets, it shines when ever you go out into the sun. However, making a duct tape hat is a relatively time consuming task and will require patience on your part.

Things Required:

– Tin foil
– Duct tape
– Hat
– Pair of scissors
– Knife
– Light coloured marker


  • 1

    Place a piece of tin foil in the hat and put it on. Press the hat in order to transform the shape of the top part of the hat onto the tin foil. Take off the hat and remove the piece of tin foil.

  • 2

    Now you need to make a proper sheet of duct tape. This can be accomplished by placing one strip of duct tape with the sticky side up on a flat surface. Place another strip of duct tape, sticky side up and same size as the first strip of duct tape. The second piece of strip needs to be placed halfway down the first duct tape strip.

  • 3

    When the duct tape sheet is big enough, outline the shape of the tin foil after flattening the tin foil from the first step onto the duct tape sheet. Use a light coloured marker for this purpose. After the outline has been drawn, cut the shape of your ‘cranium’ and erase the outline that you drew earlier.

  • 4

    Make the sides of the duct tape just like you made the top part.

  • 5

    Place the top part of the duct tape on a flat surface and then place the sides that you made in the earlier step onto the top part of the duct tape hat. Use small pieces of duct tape to attach the two parts together from the inside. This will ensure that the duct tape hat looks smooth from the outside.

  • 6

    When it comes to making the brim of the duct tape hat. This step is easier as compared to the ones before it. Cut a piece of tin foil larger than the actual hat and reshape it to make it circular. Use a pair of scissors or a sharp utility knife for this purpose. Affix pieces of duct tape around the circumference of the circular tin foil. Put the circular piece of foil on the top part of the duct tape hat and draw an outline using a light coloured marker as before.

  • 7

    Cut the circular tin foil along the drawn outline to get the brim of the hat. Attach the brim to the rest of the duct tape hat the same way as you did in Step 6. Congratulations! You have successfully made a beautiful duct tape hat.

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