Easy DIY Beaded Wire Tree of Life Pins

Some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry are not made with precious metals or gems. Wire and glass bead trinkets are some of the most beautiful of all. They are unique because they are made by hand with creativity, talent and love. Do not buy machined accessories from a store. Absolutely anyone can make tree of life beaded pins to wear as jewelry or to embellish fabric window treatments. Make these easy DIY brooches and drapery decor, and transform bare wire into gorgeous works of art. Create at least one for yourself and others to give to friends and family. They make lovely all-occasion gifts that will be appreciated for years to come.

Necessary Supplies

To make DIY tree of life beaded pins that are similar to the one pictured, you will need 20-guage dead soft copper wire, snips, small needle-nose pliers and seven or eight glass small glass beads in colors of your choice. Consider selecting three or four-millimeter beads in fall colors, or choose a gorgeous shade of green that will resemble spring leaves. You will also need a copper-colored pin back for each brooch.


Begin by bundling 14 pieces of wire that are approximately 2 �½ to 3 inches in length. Using the photo as a guide, make the trunk of your tree of life by neatly twisting the wires around. Thread two additional pieces through the holes in a pin back, and wrap them around the main bundle to secure the pin. The wires should be twisted as neatly as possible to create a smooth bundled trunk.

Next, create the roots by pulling away two or three pieces of wire and twisting them around one another. Use the small pliers to bend the twisted the ends of the adjoined wires to create curled roots. Make some look like curly-q’s, and make others fork off away from the trunk.

Finish by creating the limbs. Since each tree of life is different, you cannot make a mistake. Twist four wires around to create a main limb, and pull away two before twisting them into a forked branch. Follow the same process to form the rest of the limbs and branches. Thread glass beads onto the ends of the branches, and use the pliers to bend the tips of the wires to secure the embellishments and complete your tree of life beaded pins.

Source: Advanced Crafting Experience

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