Great Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are a good idea to showcase your creativity. Many people think that gift baskets are only appropriate for Christmas time, but who ever thought that was all wrong. Gift baskets are great for any occasion and the proper gift basket will make people say wow at both the gift basket and your creativity. The first thing that you must know is that a basket isn’t the only thing that you have to use to make a gift basket, that’s just the name of it. You can be more creative and use a bucket, wash tub, large pottery bowl, large watering can etcâÂ?¦ One of the best things to use is a large clay pot. Unlike a lot of my other suggestions, a clay pot can be painted and it can be decorated. But the most important thing is to keep your eye out for a good container for the gift basket, choose whatever works best for you.

When making the gift basket remember to use lots of tissue at the bottom of the container that you will be using so all of the goods in the basket don’t sink. It is a good idea to use ribbon or raffia to tie around the goods inside of the gift basket, you can also wrap each item in the basket individually and tie with a ribbon and then place it into the gift basket, whatever way works well. The most important part of the basket is the things that you put inside of it. Music is the key to everyone’s soul, so placing the persons favorite CD’s and tapes in the basket is a good idea. Everyone needs a little pampering, so placing rolled up towels, brushes, bath oils and sponges is definitely a good idea.

If the person needs to stay organized with all of his/her upcoming events you should place a small organizer in the gift basket, with a nice wood grain pen for the extra touch. Picking some nice scented candles up from your local candle shop is great for anybody, since they can be used at any time of the year. If you’re somebody who loves to cook don’t be ashamed to show off your cooking skills by baking some bread, cookies or pound cakes to place into the gift basket, remember that these items must be wrapped and they must be wrapped individually, cookies in one wrap and pound cake in the another. A very unique item that most people don’t ever think about including in their gift baskets is the popcorn and movie combination, a lot of people include popcorn but nothing else, adding the persons favorite movie on DVD into the basket is very much out of the ordinary gift basket. Everybody has a sweet tooth so don’t forget to add some delicious candy into the gift basket, it can be homemade candy, Hershey’s kisses, gummy bears, jelly beans and other candies. If you’re someone with a sense of humor add some joke books into the basket, some comedy movies and add a funny message to the card that you give the person with the basket.

Gift baskets are one of the few opportunities that a person has a chance to show off their creativity and their personality. So when you’re giving somebody a gift remember that gift baskets are a fun idea, especially when you’re making it yourself.

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