How to Tie a Double Overhand Knot

One of the most overlooked things in the world these days, is the ability to tie a knot. Not many people realize just how important and vital it is to tie a knot, but it is in fact a skill, that most people should have.

This skills comes in handy just about everywhere, since you never know when it is that you might have to go ahead and tie something up. You might even be in a situation where tying a knot could help save your life, or someone else’s life. This is why almost every firefighter is taught how to tie a knot early on in their training.

One of the more popular knots to tie is the double overhand knot. This is a knot that isn’t the strongest one out there, but it is one that can be done really quick and it helps save a lot of time.


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    The first thing you need to do is that you need to get a hand on the rope or thread or string that you are going to be tying up.

    Now go ahead and hold the rope or whatever it is that you are going to be tying in your hands. Don’t hold them too firmly, but just tight enough to get to work.

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    Take the left end of the rope over the other end and then go on and pull it through the loop that has automatically been created as a reaction to these actions.

    Now the next thing you need to do, is to create another knot, in the exact same manner that you created the first knot in. Once again, after you are done, you have to wrap the end of the rope back through the loop which you have created.

    Now after both those loops have been created, go on and pull on the rope till it is tight and firm. After you do this, you need to look at the rope and identify that you have two rather good looking knots on the rope.

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    After you go on to create these knots, spend time practising these knots and the ability to tie them up. Do this as many times as you can, so that you develop speed and it becomes rather easy for you to tie these knots up.

    Once you have your skills mastered show them to the world.

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