Easter Celebrations and Creations

Easter is determined as the first Sunday after the full moon on or after March 21st.

There are all kinds of ways to decorate Easter eggs from the traditional solid colors to the modern. You can decorate your eggs from sequins, ribbons, stickers, decals, lace, foil, or glitter.

You can do egg molds with a chocolate traditional mold. You make a hole in the mold of the shell of the egg then pour chocolate into it.

The Ukrainians decorate their eggs using wax and dye baths finishing them off with garnish.

You can also use crepe paper dye using hot water, cooking oil, and a soft cloth. Or wrap electric tape around the egg to make stripes. Marble eggs are used with a glass jar, crayon stubs, vegetable grater, waxed paper, empty egg carton, and clear acrylic spray (optional). Sponge painted eggs are made with liquid tempra paint, paper cups, small pieces of foam or sponge, clothes pins, and egg cups among other items.

If it rains you can have your Easter egg hunt in the house, something my sister and I did one year.

If you’re thinking of buying a real Easter bunny, it is a lifelong commitment.

“The fact that rabbits are sold at Easter leads to a lot of impulse buying,” said Bobby Collins, a small-animal science professor. “People who think rabbits require less maintenance than a dog or cat should think again.”

Rabbits’ spines are delicate and can be fractured by a simple act of jumping out of a child’s arms.

Collins gives rabbit owners the same advice as cat or dog owners: Have a steady supply of cash on hand for vet emergencies. Collins said he recently treated a rabbit that ate carpet and cardboard, costing the owner $700.00.

As rabbit ownership becomes more popular Collins said it’s not unusual to see college students arriving with their pet rabbit they got as a child. But he said it is also not uncommon for students to leave the rabbit at home when they go off to school leaving their parents to take care of it and rethink their choice of Easter bunny.

For dinner, Easter ham is popular throughout the world. It’s usually made with maple syrup, cider vinegar, and cloves.

The game of Egg Rolling is reported to be played at The White House every year.

Some people do egg and spoon races for an Easter game.

You can make Easter grass out of wheat seed, vermiculite, a basket, and a plastic bag or clear plastic wrap.

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