How to Make Fake Snow from Soap

If you are looking to decorate your Christmas tree with fake snow that looks natural, you should consider using soap flakes. It is a really easy and cost effective method to make artificial snow, and all you need are some common household items. This fake snow does not contain any unhealthy chemical and will not melt either. You can also use a polymer or a mixture of sugar and talcum powder to create your own snow.

Things Required:

– Soap flakes
– Liquid starch
– Water
– Cheese grater
– Blue food coloring (optional)
– Glitter (optional)
– Egg beater or a hand mixer
– Paint brush


  • 1

    Take a bar of scent free white soap.

  • 2

    Grate the soap using the side of the grater with small holes. Grate until you have the amount of flakes you need.

  • 3

    Mix the soap flakes with liquid starch in a medium size mixing bowl. If you have two cups of soap shavings, 2/3 cups of liquid starch will be enough.

  • 4

    Mix the soap shavings with the starch liquid thoroughly.

  • 5

    While mixing, keep on adding water a little at a time. However, make sure you do not add more than three tablespoons of water. Beat well using an egg beater after each addition. You will observe that the more you beat the concoction, the thicket it will get.

  • 6

    Add blue food colouring, drop by drop, until you have reached the desired shade of light blue. While this step is optional, it will give a really nice ice look to your fake snow.

  • 7

    Beat the mixture until it forms stiff peaks.

  • 8

    Once your mixture has formed stiff peaks, mix in some glitter. Do not beat the glitter, rather fold it using a wooden or plastic spatula. This will give your artificial snow extra shine and glow.

  • 9

    Your artificial snow is ready and it is the time to apply it to your Christmas tree or any other project that features snow.

  • 10

    Take a soft paint brush, dip it in the soapy concoction and apply on the tips of the Christmas tree. Let it dry completely at room temperature before moving on to any other decoration.

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