How to Put Decals on Toenails

Nail art decals are embellishments used to decorate your hand and toe nails. They come in three different types – stickers, water based and full nail type decals. Water based or water slide nail decals are the easiest to wear among all. These are ready-made nail art stickers, available in almost every shape and design, that stick on your nails once the backing paper is removed by soaking them in water. These decals do not stick immediately on your nails and give you ample time to move them into place.

Things Required:

– Water based nail art decals
– Scissors
– Tissue
– Cup or dish of water
– Tweezers
– Top coat polish
– Base coat
– Nail polish
– Nail file


  • 1

    The first step in wearing nail art decals is to apply nail polish on your nails, since the decals do not stick well on unpolished nails. Do not apply a top coat and allow the nails to dry completely.

  • 2

    Choose your favourite nail decal design or pattern and cut around it as close as possible; however, leave a little border of the decal paper.

  • 3

    Now place the cut pattern in a bowl containing water and let it soak for half a minute.

  • 4

    Take the decal out of water and hold it on your finger tip in such a way that the image is facing down. Smoothly slide the backing paper off with the help of tweezers. You can also use your fingers to slide off the backing paper.

  • 5

    Now your decal is ready to be applied to the nail. The best way to apply the decal is to gently roll your finger, holding the decal, against the nail you want to decorate.

  • 6

    While the decal is still wet, you can manoeuvre and arrange it as per your requirements. Once you are satisfied with the positioning of the pattern, press it down firmly to fix it in place.

  • 7

    After applying the decal to the nail, blot out any excess water with some tissue.

  • 8

    Apply decals to other nails in a similar manner.

  • 9

    Once you are done with applying decals on the nails, seal them in place by applying a layer of top coat. Usually nail decal kits come with a top coat, otherwise you can use a clear nail polish as well.

  • 10

    Let your nails dry completely and you are done.

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