Dress Up Your Decor with These DIY Thanksgiving Placecards

With Thanksgiving coming up and the family on the way what better way to set a seat for them then by doing handmade place-cards. These days’ people don’t have a lot of time, so these two ideas will be fast, cheap, and you can involve your kids to keep them entertained.

The first idea is fun for the always important and crowded “kids table.”

Supplies Needed


–A small, paper treat bag

–Filler such as newspaper, a bag of treats, popcorn ball, etc.

–A strip of white cardstock with heart punch



Step 1: Trim the top inch or two from the paper bag using scissors.

Step 2: Stuff them with your chosen filling.

Step 3: Push in the bottom pointed corners

Step 4: Mold and twist the bag into a turkey leg worthy of displaying.

Step 5: Insert a strip of white cardstock with heart punch into the end and staple closed to resemble the bone

Step 6: Write a name on the name tag and staple it to the leg.

This one is for the adults at your Thanksgiving Dinner

Supplies Needed

You will need the below for each table setting.

1 Styrofoam ball

2 bunches of silk flowers in orange or yellow

1 thick stick from outdoors, cut to size

6 in of raffia

Hand-written or printed name-tags

Glue stick


Step 1: Remove the fake flowers from their stems. Place any leaves off to the side for future use.

Step 2: Push the flowers into the Styrofoam ball, making sure to leave a small opening at the top.

Step 3: After you finish covering the ball in flowers, place a stick on top of the ball to resemble a pumpkin stem.

Step 4: Wrap the leaves you saved earlier around the stick using your raffia.

Step 5: Attach a name tag onto a leaf to use as a place card. You can also write guests names directly onto the leaves using a marker or a Sharpie.

Using these creative ideas can be a fun way to keep your children entertained, as well as add a personal, creative touch to the d�©cor of your table scape. These ideas are cheap, simple to do, and will allow you to dazzle them with your DIY skills before you dazzle them with your culinary ones.

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