How to Make Your Own Unique Picture Frame

Making a picture frame is a great project you can do with your kids. In order to make it a little more unique and personalized you can try adding some of their little trinkets or keepsakes to the frame. You will need the following materials to make your picture frame;

1. Any type of unique trinket or keepsake that you or your child has, like button’s or a piece of old jewelry.

2. Adhesive sealant, that is industrial grade.

3. Spray paint in the color of your choosing.

4. Plastic knife

5. Four flat pieces of wood- Ice cream sticks work best.

6. Hot glue gun and a glue stick. (make sure only parents handle the hot glue gun)

You will probably want to do this project outside so that you will not have a big mess in your home. The first thing you will need to do is glue your frame together using the hot glue gun. You will only need to place glue on the corners were the sticks meet, to form a perfect square. Allow a few minutes for the glue to dry. Next you will need to spread the sealant on the frame. Then before the sealant dries add your novelty items, by pressing them into the sealant. Make sure that you cover every inch of the frame so none is left exposed. Allow at least thirty minutes for it to dry completely. Once it is completely dry you can then spray paint your frame with the color you have chosen. Let the spray paint dry completely and you can then add your picture. Creating your unique picture frame is a project you can do over and over again, just try thinking of different object’s you can use to decorate your frame. Another type of unique picture frame that you can make is a etched glass frame.

In order to make this frame you will need, a picture frame with glass, plastic self adhesive stickers, etching cream, glass cleaner, a small paint brush, painter’s tape, mat to fit the frame, and a small plastic card. This is very simple to make. First clean your glass with your glass cleaner. Then place your glass on the table over the mat and use the painters tape along the edges. You want the tape to barely cover the outside of the glass. Tape off the center of the glass around the inner edges of the mat with the tape. You can then begin applying the stickers to the glass. Then brush on the coat of etching cream. Make sure you follow the directions on the etching cream jar precisely. Once the cream is completely washed off, dry the frame completely before adding the picture.

These are just two example’s of some unique picture frames that you can create with your kids. When you are done you can put them up for everyone to see.

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