Use Pine Cones to Create Rustic Holiday Decorations

Simple pinecones can add rustic charm to anyone’s home holiday dÃ?©cor. Crafting with pinecones is simple and the small shapes are easily found. It is possible to gather pine cones below pine trees. If you choose this route, be sure to pick up cones beneath your own trees or to ask permission before you gather. Bags of clean, ready to use pinecones can also be found in most craft stores and hobby shops.

One of the easiest pinecone decorations that can be made is a pine cone wreath. Begin with a wreath base. These can be bought at any craft shop. Many are made from Styrofoam but any material fashioned into a circle can be used as a base. Wire bent into a circle is another option. Using a hot glue gun, attach pinecones to the circle. Bunch together as much as possible and glue into place. Add a festive red or green ribbon to the wreath. Frost the pinecones with white craft paint. For a different look, spray paints the pinecones white, gold, silver, red, and green or another color before creating the wreath. Mix and match colors for a multi-colored wreath that will welcome holiday visitors to your home for years to come.

Pinecones can also be transformed into tree ornaments. Drill one small hole through the top of the cone. Tie a ribbon or length of decorative cord through the hole and hang. It’s also possible to thread a small wire – similar to a bread tie – through the cone base and to attach it to the tree in this way. Pinecones can be dusted with glitter or touched up with “snow” for a winter look or painted.

Garlands are another popular tree decoration accent and pinecones can be strung into a long garland to decorate the tree.

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