Kids Crafts: Make a Magic Wand

Harry Potter has made magic a popular topic for young children. Now your kids can make their very own magic wand using materials that you already have around your home. This easy magic wand craft will probably take around twenty minutes to make but can provide hours of enjoyment for your child.

Materials Needed for Magic Wand:

-Aluminum Foil
-Stapler or Tape
-Cardboard (you can use an old shoebox, or even a cereal box)
-A drinking straw, or a stick to use as the bottom of the wand
-Other supplies to make the wand your own (glitter, beads, string)

Directions to make Magic Wand:

1. Draw a star on the cardboard using a pencil.
2. Cut the star out of the cardboard
3. Trace your star onto the tin foil using the pencil two times
4. Cut the stars out of the tin foil
5. Staple or tape the cardboard star to the stick
6. Glue your tin foil stars to each side of the cardboard one
7. Decorate

This magic wand is an especially fun craft for younger children. Having extra things on hand for them to decorate their wand can add to the fun.

Once they make their wands the children may want to put on their own magic show, or use their wands to act out their favorite scene from Harry Potter or another magical movie.

This wand is also perfect around Halloween time for children who want to be fairies or wizards and need a wand.

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