How to Start Your Stuffed Animal Business

Stuffed animals are the mainstay in the early years of every child’s life. With the world’s population increasing by the day and the average age of the population decreasing by the year, the market for stuffed animals is not only strong but growing by the day.

There are a number of products that cater to this particular market and one of them is the stuffed animal business. These products are usually cute, warm and friendly in appearance and soft, with no small parts or choking hazards.

There are a number of ways one can start their own stuffed animal business, whether they set up the factory themselves, become the middle man or simply retail the products, is up to them and the person really needs to ask him or herself which one of those options suits their strengths the best.


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    The first step defining the product. Will you be making or selling stuffed animals aimed at newborns or those children who are a bit older. It may seem like a trivial issue but it is of significant importance.

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    Next is to identify your core market. Different countries have different tastes when it comes to stuffed animal preferences. China is a huge market for panda stuffed animals, which can be sold to tourists or at zoos, while most areas in the United States have their own national parks and native animals as well. At the same time, a general collection of animals can be used to target a broad spectrum of consumers as well.

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    It is now time to make the main decision on the basis of your skills and finances. Do you wish to design and produce the stuffed animals yourselves? Do you wish to be the intermediary? Do you wish to open up a retail store to simply sell someone's stuffed animals?

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    Based on your previous decision you may move forward, however, it is important to note that when a particular animal gets a lot of exposure in the media, or a new animal is introduced in a regional zoo, then it is the best time to produce and sell stuffed animal versions of the same animal.

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