How to Use Paper Raffia

Raffia is a branch of a large palm tree that is used for different crafting purposes. This organic material is first dried and then dyed to give it different colors. Raffia paper strands are not only used in handicrafts, but also for embellishments. These are long and flexible strands that can bend easily, which is the reason why they are popular for handicrafts. Crafters use these to complement flower arrangements, adorn craft bags, baskets, hats and much more.


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    Adorning Gifts with raffia:

    Gift packs or boxes are often decorated to make them appear more exciting. One inexpensive and effective method of  adorning these gift boxes or gift packs is using raffia paper strands. You may tie these strands in the form of bows, hang them loose like ribbons or even make beautiful flowers with them.

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    Crafting bags, hats and baskets with raffia:

    You may also craft a gift bag by knitting raffia strands into beautiful braided gift bag. This will not only add to the value of your gift but will also surprise the receiver even more.

    You can also craft beautiful baskets with it. Simply knit these flexible strands to make beautiful flower baskets that can make a nice and inexpensive centerpiece.

    Another crafting idea is to make hats with raffia. You may also use multi-color strands to make it look more exciting.

    You may also make beautiful decoration pieces with these raffia strands. Use the raffia strands in making wreaths and garlands and hang them on the walls or on the entrance. These raffia strands are available in different widths, so use the wider ones to cut out small flowers and leaves with ease.

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    Accompanying decoration with raffia:

    Make raffia motifs in different shapes and patterns. The raffia strands are flexible enough to easily knit. So adorn the baskets or hats with them.

    In addition to this you may also use these raffia motifs to make beautiful wall hangings.

    These raffia strands can make beautiful hanging strands for flower arrangements as well. In addition to this you can also use these hanging strands for matching colors in bouquets.

    You can also adorn candy and chocolate boxes with these raffia strands as ribbons.

    Candle holders or centerpieces can also be adorned with raffia.

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    Costume accessories with raffia:

    These raffia strands can also be used for crafting different costumes. You can use these in making fun masks on special occasions like birthday parties, Halloween or Christmas.

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    Making Rugs and mats with Raffia:

    Make your own rug or door mat with raffia. You can easily do this by using a stencil and tracing a pattern of your choice. Use any pattern or color you want.

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    Raffia Jewelry and Charms:

    Another exciting way to use these strands is to make charms or jewelry items like bangles and earrings. Use these raffia strands in making braided friendship bands and bangles and give them to your friends.

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    Decorating Greeting Cards with Raffia:

    Use raffia strands for embellishing greeting cards. This material works so well when it comes to making different motifs for greeting cards as it is not only flexible but is also available in different colors.

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    Raffia strands for Gift Wrapping:

    This material is also used for gift wrapping. Available in the form of spools, these can make magnificent gift wraps that are cost effective as well.

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