How to Sell Spray Paint Art

Being an artist is all about expressing your creativity, manifesting a form of self and laying it out on a canvas and giving your perspective of the world around you. The thing about creativity is that it is easier to critique, and there is a less chance that it would be appreciated, but that hasn’t stopped an artist from producing and experimenting. The best way to find out whether your art is good or not, you can put it out for sale, and if it is salable, it will give you satisfaction that people like what you create and are willing to pay for it.

Though, there are people who tend to go toward the financial side of it to begin with, but to be successful in the financial sense of things for an artist is another story. People never accept change easily, and to sell your art, which is of a newer genre, like spray paint art, you will have a tougher time selling your art than traditional artists, unless you do the right things and make yourself known through simple marketing techniques.


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    Get out there and find fairs and markets, where you can get some space to display and market your art. The best places you can find in fall is a local craft fair, which is ideal, because in the holiday season you can target people, who are there to buy gifts.

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    Be competitive! Research prices of similar art items and register yourself with an online auction. Accept all modes of payment, and take attractive pictures of your work and display them accordingly so buyers can access your work easily.

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    It is always good to be advised upon how to sell your work from a professional art dealer. He can provide you with tips that you haven’t even thought of yet, and it can help you market your work in a professional manner.

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    Look for an art gallery to display your work. It can help you generate your sales, but bear in mind that you will have to pay a percentage or commission to the art gallery from your profits that you make after selling your spray paint art.

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    If buyers don’t come to you, then you can always go to a middle man who can market your art. This means you should be looking for publishers and vendors that may be interested in spray paint art.

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