How to Repair a Damaged Speed Bag

Speed bag are little punching bags which swing from a swivel and force the puncher to move his fists very quickly in order to keep up. Though mostly used by boxers, they are extremely useful for all people who participate in sports which require fast hands. Constantly hitting speed bag can result in deflation of the bag, aging of platforms or even weakening of the swivels. Instead of buying a new bag though, you can repair it easily and save bucks.

Things Required:

– Speed bag
– Replacement swivels
– Screwdriver
– Grease
– Bicycle pump


  • 1

    Lubricate the platform

    You need to lubricate the speed ball’s platform on regular basis. Remember to use same type of grease whenever you apply. In case you do not remember what type of grease you applied before, it is strongly recommended to wipe out the old grease and then apply a new layer.

  • 2

    Adjust the Crankshaft Bolt

    In order to align the crankshaft, you need to tighten its’ bolts. This will solve your problem of facing difficulty in raising or lowering your speed bag’s platform. This will improve the performance also i.e. you can practice hitting speed bag in a constant level.

  • 3

    Replacement Swivels

    If the swivel is broken or damaged, you need to replace it with a new one. It is recommended that you buy replacement swivel at boat or marine stores. Remember that these may cost you more but they are of high quality. It will save your money for a longer period of time. You will be required to have less maintenance on it and also fewer replacements.

  • 4

    Use a Bicycle Pump to inflate Speed Bag

    In order to inflate your speed bag which is deflated, you can use bicycle pump.

  • 5

    Buy Spare Parts and Replacement Kit

    Whenever you buy a speed bag, it is advisable that you buy a replacement kit and spare parts. In case your speed bag is damaged, you can easily repair it. The repairing process will be quicker this way and it will save you the headache of going to stores to get the replacement parts.

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