How to Find Architectural Drawings

If you are studying architecture from an art school or you are looking forward to get a diploma in this field, you will have to find the architectural drawings and blueprints of various buildings in order to improve your knowledge. You cannot become a good architecture until or unless you can assess the work of other architectures from their drawings. It will not only help you to increase your skills as an architect, but it will also open your minds for new ideas.


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    Explore Books

    First of all, you have to explore the books which have been written by famous architectures on the commendable work which has already been done. There are many libraries which are dedicated to the field of architecture and its related sub-fields. You can visit any library which is near your house to explore different books to get the architectural drawings.

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    Search online databases

    It is very easy to search the architectural drawings online. There are many websites which provide complete information regarding different architectures around the world. Besides, there are many different blogs on which you can discuss about your favourite architectures and the drawing related to them. Moreover, you can also download your favourite drawings after making your account on different websites and blogs.

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    Contact constructors and workers

    All the constructors keep their architectural data safe in order to take help from it in the future. You can contact with any of your favourite construction company to get the necessary architectural drawings and blueprints. Additionally, you can also make a contact with the constructions workers who also possess the designs and blueprints of the buildings.

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    Contact local government offices

    Try to contact with the local government offices which are involved in the construction of different public buildings in their region. You can easily access the regional office. Just keep your student card with you to show your identity and you can easily avail the architectural drawings from the public office.

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    Contact previous owners

    Owners have all the information about the construction of their houses. If you can get the address of the owner of a particular house or building, you can simply request him to provide you the architectural drawings.

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