How to Make a Scarecrow Mask

A scarecrow mask, with an added touch of the villain in the batman series, is extremely fascinating to make. Children love to wear the mask and it’s also brilliant if you try it in a Halloween party. The scarecrow is quite an old school way of celebrating Halloween; you can easily make it with the most basic materials and sewing skills. Moreover, a few mistakes in sewing might even look good as a scarecrow is not always properly stitched.

Things Required:

– Fabric
– Thread
– Sewing machine
– Scissors
– Needles


  • 1

    You must buy a fabric from which the mask will be made. Mostly, people prefer cotton as it is soft to wear and does not irritate the person wearing the mask. Just get two 16 inches wide and 18 inches long oval pieces of whatever fabric you have opted for. Place them on top of each other and sew them both together in a way that they looked curved from the edges.

  • 2

    Now you have to turn the mask inside out. This will help you do all the work from the outside. Grab a pair of scissors and carve out two holes. Make sure they are neither too big, nor too small. The big holes will leave no effect on people seeing you, and the small holes will make it difficult for you to see things. Therefore, make sure you cut out the eye holes of the right size.

  • 3

    The mouth shouldn’t be a hole; it should just be a slit. Make sure that you are not overdoing things when it comes to cutting the mouth. It has to be precise and cut in a frowning shape. A larger hole would look really odd since you will have to stitch the slit back with a black thread. Try to use a thick piece of thread since you want others to see that the mouth is stitched. Also, make sure that the stitches are one inch apart from each other.

  • 4

    Thread the needle with a twine and start stitching the face randomly all across the mask so that it looks as if that the two pieces have been joined together.

  • 5

    Now get a brown drawstring and cut a piece of 28 inches. Tie it right at the bottom opening so that you can close it once you have worn it. Sew the drawstring as well, but this time use a twine rather than a needle.

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