How to Make a Cake Decorating Bag

Decorating a cake is a fun thing to do. Some people write something and some create flowers and other designs to give a beautiful look to the baked or the frosted cakes. However, it takes some time and practice to be good at something. Same applies the cake-decorating skills. If one plans to decorate cakes on frequent basis, they can use parchment paper to make a perfect cake decorating bag. The parchment paper bags are easy to make and the paper is easily available in the market at cheap rates. Just create a cone of the parchment paper, insert icing in the bag and pipe it out on the cake by using the hole at the end of the cone.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to create a versatile decorating bag. With a little practice, you will be able to create cake decorating tool in few minutes


  • 1

    Visit the cake decorating section in a nearby departmental store or a craft store and purchase parchment triangles.

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  • 2

    Place the parchment triangle in front of you. Make sure you place it in a way the main point of the triangle is pointing towards and the longest edge is going away from you.

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    Take the right side of the parchment triangle and fold it towards the main point of the triangle. Make sure you match the back side of the right hand point and the front side of the main point. You will now have a cone-shaped parchment in front of you. Do not lose the grip on the points you just matched.

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    Wrap the already-matched points around the left hand side point, in a bid to match the other two corners. Now you will find all the three points coming together at the same point, and forming the shape of a cone.

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    Use a tape to wrap the cone from the outside. Take scissors and cut around half inch of the parchment from the tip of the cone.

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    Insert decorator tip in the bag and make sure the tip come out of the bag hole. If that does not happen, try to cut off more part of the parchment, to allow the tip to come out of the parchment bag.

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    To decorate the cake, fill the tip with the icing and start decorating. You can change the tips and icing as per requirement. After you are done, throw the parchment bag.

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