How to Dodge a Photograph

Taking photographs is something that is becoming far too common as time is passing by. Just about everyone seems to think that they are the best photographers out there, simply because they own a device that allows them to capture pictures. Now this is not the case, since most of the time, people end up taking awful pictures of everyone else, apart from themselves.

Now this proves to be a big problem, since these pictures tend to get shared a lot, and with you not looking really good, you don’t know what to do about them. They are already up there and now you can’t really take them down.

This is why the best possible solution is to go on and become a photograph dodger. This will allow you to take the game to a whole new level, since the camera can’t capture that what it can not see, it is that simple. So try your best to make this happen and come true.


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    Now with you looking to go on and become a professional photograph dodger, you are going to need to do a lot. The first step, or the part where you start it all off from is with your clothes. You need to make the least camera friendly clothes your primary choice of clothing. This is going to make you very hard to get captured on camera.

    The ideal type of clothes to wear are reflective clothes, and/or clothes that are really dark. These clothes will make it very hard for anyone who is trying to photograph you to get a good picture of you. You can also look to invest in a mask, since with your face covered, no one will ever know who it is in the picture.

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    Work on your reflexes and speed. Now you need to be able to program your brain to spot any flashes in light, or to pick up and clicking noises. These images and sounds will develop a response in your brain, that will make you jump and dodge anything that happens as soon as your brain can go on and process them. This is the best thing to do, since you can never be prepared. You need to always be ready to dodge and ready to run, in order to avoid getting a picture take of you, that you don't wish to let the public get their hands on.

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