Halloween Costumes Made Out of a Cardboard Box

A cardboard box can make an excellent Halloween costume. If you are looking for a costume at the last minute for a Halloween party, or you want to create your own Halloween costume at home, here are a few great costume ideas that can be easily created using a cardboard box. All of these costume ideas involves cutting a head and two arm holes into a cardboard box and then decorating it in some way. To do this you will need a cardboard box big enough for you to fit in as well as some way to do the cutting. I recommend using an exacto knife to cut the holes in the box. The holes will be cleaner if cut with an exacto knife and more precise. Try using a small plate or other circular object to make the holes all uniform in size.

Dice Costume ( can be for 2 people)

Find a square cardboard box and paint it white. Take black construction paper and make dots to cut out and stick onto the box making it look like a die. You can also paint the black dots on if you like. If you’re going to a Halloween party with a friend make two dies, then you can be a pair of dice together. This costume usually works best with a black long sleeve shirt and black leggings underneath.

Robot Costume

Spray paint a large box silver for the body and several other smaller boxes for your arms and legs, as well as perhaps hands and head in silver as well. If you are planning on putting boxes on your arms and legs make sure you have two boxes that are exactly the same. No one want to be the un-uniform robot. This costume works best in black or silver leggings and long sleeve shirt.

Lego Costume

A lego costume can be easily made using a large box and several small boxes. I have found that small individual cereal boxes work well for this costume. You can use virtually any boxes you have that are all uniform in size. If you have a square box you will need four smaller boxes, a rectangular box will require six. Glue the smaller boxes on the top of the larger one like a lego piece and then spray paint the entire structure a color of your choosing. For this costume you can wear a black long sleeve shirt and leggings, or a pair of leggings and shirt the same color as the box.

Present Costume

Wrap a cardboard box up in Christmas wrapping paper, place a bow on your head and your ready to go as a Christmas present. This project usually works best if you wrap the box BEFORE you cut out arm and leg holes. You will need to reinforce the paper in those areas with clear tape after you cut out the holes.

Refrigerator Costume

Paint a rectangular box white and add a silver handle to the front in order to make a refrigerator. This costume will work best with black leggings and a black long sleeve shirt underneath.

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