How to Make a Mardi Gras Mask

Have you ever thought of making a Mardi Gras Mask at home? If not, it is the time to do so. It is not a tricky thing at all. If you have gathered all your supplies, making a Mardi Gras Mask is pretty easy.

Attending Carnival celebrations without a mask is not a good idea at all. These masks are a symbol of true traditions of Mardi Gras and Carnival season. An individual requires both costume and a mask to become a part of the carnival.

Making a costume for this traditional event is perhaps difficult, but when it comes to the mask, no professional skills are required.


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    Gather the ideas first. Buying a bunch and things without any need is a stupid thought by all means. First of all, you are supposed to make a sketch of the mask in your mind. And after that, you just need to buy the required stuff.

    A lot of people make a mistake by buying plenty of things before creating a design for their mask. Consequently, the entire spending goes to the waste. So, plan your mask properly and start buying the necessary things.

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    Assemble all your supplies. The features and gems are indeed the most important items. Once you have the entire design of the mask in your mind, things will surely become really easy.

    Get the required features and gems as quickly as possible. By collecting the entire necessary material well before the time, you can actually give yourself more time for the decoration process.

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    The next step is painting your mask. You are required to keep a few things in mind at this stage. Try painting the mask before gluing the feathers on. With feathers, it becomes really hard to apply the paint properly. So, there is no need to make this awful mistake.

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    The final step is decorating the mask. You can be as creative as possible. Since everybody will be wearing a mask on the event, you should try making it as different as possible to get noticed. Otherwise, you will just be a part of the crowd.

    Take all the time you need to make your mask look awesome. When decorating, handle the features with care.

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