How to Make Plastic Canvas Blocks

You will need to cut 6-17×17 square blocks of plastic canvas.

I prefer to make my blocks using a different color for each side. You may choose your own color pattern/preference.

Blocks are made with the basic continental stitch:
1. Start in the 2nd square on the first row.
2. Go down to the 1st square on the 2nd row.
3. Go to the 3rd square over on the first row. (coming up from the bottom)
4. Go to the 2nd square on the 2nd row. (going in from the top)
(See illustration)

Continue working in this way until the entire piece is filled. Leave the edges empty for now.

Note: Making your stitches also diagonal on the back of the piece makes the pattern on the front fuller.

After all 6 sides are completed, its time to put the block together.
You will want to take 2 block pieces and put them side by side, matching up the holes.
To get your yarn started, you will go under several stitches on one corner on the back of one piece.
Line the 2 pieces together by the holes, using a whipstitch, whip across.
When you get to the end, attach your 3rd square.
You will want to go back through the top stitch of the previous 2 blocks, then start attaching the 3rd piece from there.
Continue attaching sides to form the block shape. When you come to a place where both sides are done, simply slip your needle through the middle of the block to get to another side that needs to be sewn.
Before sewing together the very last side, insert a bell.
To end your stitches, come back through and take your needle through several stitches on the edge and cut.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed a block!

Please note: When working the squares, work with whatever length of yarn you are comfortable with. However, I suggest when putting the block together you use an extra long piece. Its really hard to start the sides, run out of yarn and start another.

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