How to Do Origami for Kids

When you are with your kids in a shopping area and your child spots a toy, it is nearly impossible to leave the place without buying your kid that toy or may be another one. It really doesn’t pinch you all that much to buy your kids a toy or something to play but when it is the month end, you already have your wallet losing weight so you cannot spend lavishly. On the other hand, if you could teach your kids make few crafts or toys to play, it will not only keep them engaged but will also go a long way in making them creative. This can be done through Origami, as you can make few common things such as a ship using paper only.

Things Required:

Piece of Paper


  • 1

    Take a piece of paper and mark its length using the ruler and the pencil in such a way that you obtain a perfect square-shaped paper after cutting along the marks with scissor.

  • 2

    After cutting the paper and obtaining a square shape, give the paper one fold and again another fold in such a way that the resulting paper appears to be one-fourth square of the original one.

  • 3

    As you will fold the paper, there will be four papers within the fold. Now fold one of the papers upwards in a way that it seems to be folded right from the center thus forming a triangle.

  • 4

    After folding one paper, now fold the remaining three in the same way from the center but in the opposite direction such that the resultant is a right-angled triangle.

  • 5

    On one side of the triangle, there will a slight fold. Now inserting a finger, fold the entire triangle by pressing it on the opposite sides.

  • 6

    Upon folding the triangle will again form a square shape with two closed and two open sides. At the point where the two sides of closed surface are joining, open the square moving both sides opposite from each other.

  • 7

    As you open the square, stretch the two ends with mild force moving them in opposite directions. Now you can see a ship with a yacht in the center.

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